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Chicago Cubs: Your 2015 World Series Champions

I am not even a Cubs fan, but a couple years ago I made a bet with a friend that Cubs will win the 2015 World Series. Now, why would I be so confident in a team that hasn’t won in 103 years and counting and when I have no idea what its roster will look like in 2015??

Because Back to the Future II told us so!!!

Need some proof that Back to the Future II was onto something? In the movie, Marty is not as surprised by the fact that Cubs won, but more so by the fact that they beat Miami. Why? Because the movie came out almost 5 years before the entire state of Florida got its first MLB team (Marlins played their first season in1993). Now, almost another 20 years later, there is a talk of Florida Marlins changing their name to Miami Marlins to accompany their move into a new stadium. I also know that it is impossible for Cubs and Marlins to meet in the World Series, but just this Miami prediction is enough to make me a believer in what is already one of my favorite movie trilogies.

Cubs took a major step towards making this bold prediction a reality when they lured Theo Epstein to Chicago. Who better oversee the end of the longest title drought in baseball than the man who helped end an equally infamous drought (some might still prefer the word “curse”) in Boston? Next step: bring in Francona to complete the puzzle and duplicate what they did in Boston. Its hard to imagine too many Cubs fans having a problem with Francona as a manager, except maybe for those fans who still insist on bringing in Ryne Sandberg.

So you can go ahead and bet your life savings on Cubs in 2015, you cant go wrong 🙂

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